Trek Canada – “Hammering” for 8hrs!!

The Epic 8hr Relay race from Pulse Racing is always a great time and a chance to remember the Fun aspect of racing that we sometimes overlook as we study wattage, heart rates and strength-to-weight ratios over the course of the year.

8hr Trek House

Trek is now the Title Sponsor of the summer and fall events, providing Demo Bikes, draw prizes and support to racers at the event.  We even had a new 2016 Madone on Display (commence drooling now….)

8hr Madone

With perfect weather (for most of the day…) it was a full start line as Trek Canada put together a stong team of Adam, Peter, Jon and Sarah Fabbro from the Trek Barrie Store team (Soren was back on her bike after her Nationals Crash but riding for fun rather than speed).  Adam started us off and burned up the track with the fastest lap of the day – taking advantage of the clear track and his crazy 25min power.  Another set of strong laps by Peter, Jon and Sarah got us the early lead, but we had challengers who were looking to take a piece of our Thunder, so it was work all day long as we settled into our Double Laps to provide the Team with a chance to rest and prep for our efforts.  It was a close finish, but Jon got us back with a bit of a lead, Sarah did her best to hold off her chasers, and Peter went out on the last lap with a 1min gap – and not many people are going to take 1min out of Peter when he’s going full speed!!

8hr PG Air

At the end of the day, and after a quick rain storm to break the heat and pack down the dust, it was Top Step for Trek Canada, and a great day of racing and laughs as a Team.

8hr Podium Selfie

Aside from the racing, it was great to see Hammer Nutrition spend the day at the race with their Big Rig – talking nutrition and fuelling to racers who wanted to learn how to improve their fitness, recovery and racing.  A huge Thanks goes out to Ryan Corry for taking such good care of Trek Canada and helping us all perform at our best.  It’s easy to perform well when we fuel well with Hammer Products!!

8hr Hammer

It was a great day on the bikes and representing Trek Canada and Hammer Nutrition, and a big Thanks also goes out to Barry “The Man” Near for his tireless work in supporting the Team and the sport…. We love you Barry!!

8hr BN

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