Bouncing around at Buckwallow OCup

After a 2 year break, the OCup Series has returned to Buckwallow Cycling Center in Gravenhurst, home of the roughest and possibly toughest technical course in Ontario.  There are very few “climbs” but the course is extremely demanding none the less.

With Peter out at CrankWorx and Soren at McMaster for orientation (she will be at Worlds for the Real Orientation) it was up to Jon and Tyler to represent Trek Canada on a hot day in the rocks and mosquitos.

The word of the day was “Flat” as rider after rider was forced to walk their bike on un-inflated tires.  With complete attention on being smooth and fluid, and always being aware of the rear tire, Tyler had a good strong start on the long lead out before the starting single track.  With Local Boy Quinton Disera preparing for Worlds, it was obvious that he was out to see how hard he could push, and this left the rest of the pack chasing right from the start.

Ty Bucky 2

Another common competitor suffered a flat tire early in the first lap, so the charge was left up to Tyler to limit the lead between Quinton and the rest of the field.  Lapped riders also became a problem to overcome, as many fit riders did not have the strength or skills to handle such a course.

Ty Bucky

Floating and flowing, Tyler was able to break away from the rest of the group early in the race, and used his power to pound through the long flats and laid off the brakes in the rough rocks and roots.  Time gaps between riders were significant, and Tyler came across the line a strong 2nd place.

After a difficult morning with the 9am start race (both Jon’s sons had tough races – Luke crashed hard and Jake flatted early and walked most of the race…) Jon was also on the course and looking for a good result.

JB over Rock Bucky

It was again quite obvious from the start that another rider wanted to take the win, and was very good in the rough single track.  After less than half a lap, Jon and Rob (his usual competition) had lost sight of the early charger, and never got within 45sec of him despite their efforts.  That left a race for 2nd, and Jon was hoping that he had the advantage with his Superfly 100 dually.  He as riding West de Nial and Spur Line quite well, but Rob was always able to bridge back up on the double track.  So it would come down to a final 2km race again, and Jon was determined to lead as much of the race and force an error from Rob.

JB leading RH

No error was forced, and as the pair came out onto the final piece of double track before the finishing single track, Rob was just able to squeeze past Jon on the inside of a corner.  No-where to pass from then on, it came to a sprint of equal power to the finish line, and 3rd place for Jon.

Now it’s time to prepare for the final bits of racing for the season, and then prepare for Cyclocross this fall!!  Thanks as always go out to our sponsors: Trek Bikes, Hammer Nutrition, ESI Grips and SRAM Components – Buckwallow was a true test of everything we had!!!

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