Ride for Karen – a great cause!!

With the beautiful fall colours and cooler (?) temperatures comes one of Trek Canada’s favorite rides – the Ride for Karen.  It’s a 160km charity ride that raises money to help send kids with cancer to camps up in the Muskoka Region.  These camps allow kids to enjoy the simple pleasures in life – splashing in the lake, walking in the forest, riding in a boat and learning how to canoe – while also giving their families a chance to relax and unwind.  Over the last 12 years, the RFK has raised over $2Million dollars for their cause, and this year the goal is $300,000.

RFK Banner

Several of our Trek Canada members will be taking part in the ride, and more information can be found at this LINK.

If you are interested in joining the ride – give it a try!!  They have 160km, 100km and 50km options…. a distance for everyone and every bike.  The Trek Store will once again be supporting the RFK with mechanical and vehiclular contributions, and the ride has a very cheerful and touring feel to it.  There are always a few Strava Sections that speed things up… but it is a fun that is also divided into Speed Groups depending on ability.

Kirk and Kris

If you believe in kids and making them smile, but cannot make it out to the ride, feel free to make a financial contribution to HERE.  Jon is currently registered already and looking forward to the time on the bike with a great group of people.

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