Ontario Provincials – All over the Podium!!!

The Ontario Provincial Championships happened under sunny skies and warm breezes, after a pre-ride under dark clouds and wet trails.  Nordic Highlands in Collingwood once again hosted the event, and this always proves to be a true challenge of power and finesse, and focus and aggression.

With Mitch and Soren back at school, it was up to the rest of Trek Canada to represent, and the crowds were not disappointed!!!  As the trails dried up, giving in to better traction and higher speed, the field was prepared on which a battle would be played.

First to toe the line were the Elite men, with both Adam and Peter loving the course and it’s challenges.  Shortly into the first lap, it was clear that the two Trek riders were in a class of their own, with only a few other riders able to hold the hard pace.

PG Ridge

The group played some strategy while also creating a gap on some chasers, and when Cam Jette (3Rox Racing) flatted, it left Peter and Adam to dance alone.

Morka Rock

Unfortunately though, Cam was not far from the tech zone and only needed some CO2 to fix the low tire, and then came storming back to the front.  Amongst the lapped riders, Cam was able to get a small gap, and the Boys were not able to pull him back in.  Forced to battle for 2nd, Peter and Adam faught and chased, until finally Peter gained a small advantage to take the 2nd step on the podium.  Adam finished it off, and it turned out to be a great day for both riders.

PG AM Podium

Tyler was also feeling strong and is always up for the challenge, and worked hard to hold the wheel of the race’s quick starters.  Once this group settled into it’s pace, it was only Tyler and 1 other who found themselves out front, powering up the hills and doing their best to lay off the brakes in the fast singletrack.

TO 2

After his leading partner flatted, it was up to Tyler to maintain the pressure and hold the gap, and he was able to come across the line with a sustainable lead, and a Champion’s smile.

TO 3

Jon has always enjoyed the course at Highlands, and knew that he would have to ride at his best on the tough Power Climbers course.  Before the first piece of singletrack, Jon took the lead and pushed the pace harder than he wanted to, trying his best to shake off his chaser, only to be held up in the singletrack by lapped riders.  Knowing that his chance would come, Jon continued to pump the flowing trail to maintain speed, and finally got a lead that he was able to extend.

JB Game Face

Still feeling aggressive on the last lap, with a comfortable lead, Jon caught the leader of the 30-39 group before realizing that his tank was quickly emptying.  With only half a lap to go, it was time for a Hammer Gel and an attitude adjustment – Charge Ahead became Maintain Control.  Another great day for Jon, and another Provincial Championship title.

JB Chain

All in all, it was a great day for Trek Canada, with all of it’s attending riders placing on the Podium.  As we prepare for some more “fun” races, we would once again like to express our Thanks to our great sponsors, for without them we would not be able to achieve our goals.  Hammer Nutrition.  Trek Bicycles.  ESI Grips.  Trek Bicycle Stores.  SRAM Components.

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