Ride for Karen – Epic ride on an Epic Day!!!

The annual Ride for Karen Charity ride is something that Trek Canada has been supporting for many years, and we are proud to be part of making a difference in the lives of kids with cancer.  No kid should suffer such a terrible disease, and raising money to help send them to camp in the Muskokas is our way of helping them still be kids.

Only Jon was able to make it out for the ride this year, and it was one to be remembered!!!  Under threatening skies and grey clouds, the 160km group ride started in a strong rain and chilling wind.  After a few quick words on encouragement and appreciate from Kirk and Kris Tobias, we were off on the roads heading north and west before returning south and east to Markham Fair Grounds.

photo 3

Apparently someone in the front group was looking to generate body heat, because the ride started off with some race pace hills that caught Jon by surprise, forcing him into a 25min Time Trial just to catch back on the main group!!!  Once there, he was able to be part of the pace-making group to keep everyone happy.  A few hours in was a quick rest stop (and it was Quick to avoid getting cold!!) before more time in the rain wind.  With a temperature that warmed up to 10 degrees and a rain that only stopped for about 10min of the 5:15 it took to complete, it was a mentally tough day on the bike.

photo 2

But the Madone held up well until the group finally returned to the warm (?) and dry buildings of the Fair Grounds.  After 160km, it’s funny to see that the more tired part of Jon was his neck, from having his shoulders shrugged to keep the rain out of his collar and from his shoulders shivering the whole time!!!!

JB SH Eating

But at the end of it all, almost $200,000 was raised for less fortunate kids, and everyone went home appreciating the fact that as un-enjoyable as the ride was, it was still better than what many people face every day in the hospitals.

photo 1

Well done riders…. and a special Chapeau goes to Kirk and Kris Tobias and their team of supporters for all the work they do.  We look forward to coming back next year, and spending 160km sweating under the sun (Mother Nature owes us!!!)

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