New Product from BarFly

Have you checked out this cool new product our friends at Bar Fly have created?
The Air Lever, a combination tire lever and CO2 inflator is the first product to incorporate the 3 most critical components of flat tire repair; Tire Lever, CO2 inflator and CO2 cartridge (not included).
The Air Lever includes 2 robust tire levers and a C02 inflator, perfect for road and MTB tires- even the tightest tubeless tires. The incorporated inflator accepts any threaded CO2 cartridge. Fits both Schrader and Presta valve stems. Bar Fly will be delivering the product in mid January to backers.
Retailing for $29.95, the Air Lever is another category altering product from Bar Fly. The creators of the original ‘out front’ mount for cycling computers, cameras and lights have created the first ‘must have’ product of 2017.